Our anniversary year 2021

110 years of Fraunholz Elisen gingerbread

The year 2021 is an anniversary year for us. The Elisen gingerbread from Fraunholz in Nuremberg has been around for 110 years. The story begins in 1911 in the Fraunholz pastry shop. This is where the delicious Elisen gingerbread was created in its original recipe. In the 1970s, the establishment of Gebr. Fraunholz Elisenlebküchnerei GmbH intensified the tradition of gingerbread production and the specialty company was created, which still works with the old family recipe today. In the meantime, other gingerbread varieties such as the gluten-free Elisen, the organic Elisen and the vegan Elisen have established themselves in the range. All based on the original recipe.

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