Elisen-Lebkuchen in premium quality

"To fulfill the longing for the good old things and values", is a guiding principle for owner Günter Fraunholz. Since 2017 his son Michael Fraunholz runs the company which makes it a fourth generation family business. What originally started in a Nuremberg pastry shop is today a specialised company for the very finest Elisen gingerbread. "Our customers trust us to taste Nuremberg tradition with every bite." This certainty is our motivation and sets the bar for us.

Fraunholz Elisen gingerbread stands for unique flavors and traditional products made from the best ingredients. For over 100 years, we serve our customers worldwide with Nuremberg Elisen gingerbread and pastries in premium quality. Everythings is freshly made throughout the whole year. 

Nuts, almonds and delicious spices
As a family business we also have our own unique family recipe. In order to meet the high expectations of our customers, we focus on the absolute premium quality of the Nuremberg gingerbread, the "Elisen" gingerbread. And we take it one step further. Our doughs are made without any flour. On top of this, we bake our gingerbread with an exceptionally high proportion of delicious hazelnuts and almonds.


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