Our quality assurance

The best Nuremberg Elisen gingerbread - most excellent taste

In order to receive the quality label "Elise", Lebkuchen may contain 10% flour at most and must contain a minimum of 25% almonds and nuts.  We exceed those requirements by far and offer the highest standard in quality possible for a Nuremberg Lebkuchen.

Made without flour and with nearly 50 % almonds and nuts
Throughout the whole year you can rely on freshly baked "Elisen"-Lebkuchen made with outstanding natural ingredients. We decided to leave out flour completely and replace it with more nuts and almonds. This difference in quality is important to us.

The choice of ingredients is the foundation for our quality assurance to you. The composition and the mixing of those natural raw materials requires special craft and knowledge. Since no artificial binding component is added, delivering consistant quality is all down to the skill and experience of the women and men in charge.
Hazelnuts and almonds, honey and soft marzipan, apricot jam as well as the dark chocolate cover form the classic recipe.

Where does the expression "Elisen" Lebkuchen origin from?

According to a legend, back in 1720, the daughter of a Nuremberg Lebkuchen baker became seriously ill. The desperate father made an exceptional Labkuchen, only with hazelnuts, fresh honey and the best spices. After eating this special creation, the child recovered quickly. The daughter's name was Elisabeth and the Lebkuchen that helped her became world famous, knwon as: the „Elisen“.

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