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The classic Elisen-Lebkuchen on wafer comes in two styles. The almond Elisen-Lebkuchen contains a mixture of almonds and hazelnuts. Our hazelnut Elisen-Lebkuchen is made with hazelnuts only. A special roasting method guarantess a unique and natural flavour. You can also enjoy our Lebkuchen without a wafer. We created "Meisterlein Elisen-Lebkuchen", which were the first glutenfree option available years ago already. Today, we also use glutenfree wafers and increased our offering for customers who wish to avoid gluten entirely.

Sweet specialities that go well with your coffee 
Once you try our Lebkuchen-Konfekt you will confirm an outstanding culinary experience. Soft and moist texture, simply a delight and perfect together with your coffee or tea. The Konfekt is in high demand throughout the whole year.

Various macaroons complement the "free from flour" range. There are almond, hazelnut and coconut macaroons to cater for all sorts of preferences.

Organic  – glutenfree
It has been many years that we bake the Elisen Lebkuchen and the Elisen Konfekt in organic quality. Those products are also glutenfree. We are certified DE-Öko-001, which is an annual process.

Other articles, like the Lebkuchen-Konfekt, are also glutenfree and suitable for people with gluten intolerance. Those products are either made without a wafer or a special glutenfree wafer.

And vegan also
Vegan Elisen-Lebkuchen are the latest addition to our speciality range. We are happy to be able to respond to the many requests from our customers. And of course we also created a vegan version of the Elisen-Konfekt. 
Nubafit – fresh and fit straight from the oven

Fitness straight from the oven – this is our new concept for a glutenfree snack bar. Clean label, reduced in sugar and made from high quality ingredients.  Rich in hazelnuts and almonds, fruity and fresh with figs and raisins, dark chocolate cover, coconut blossom sugar and a pinch of magnesium. Ideal to regain your energy after physical excercise for old and young. It is also a popular healthy snack on a hectic day at work. 
High in protein and low in carbs, fruity and sweetened with organic summer honey - no preservatives added! 100% handwork, a snack of its own kind.
You can order Nubafit in our category „Specialities“.

From our product portfolio:

  • Elisen-Lebkuchen with almonds and hazelnuts
  • Glutenfree Elisen-Lebkuchen
  • Organic Elisen-Lebkuchen
  • Vegan Elisen-Lebkuchen
  • Macaroons almond, hazelnut or coconut
  • Tins and chests
  • Coconut chocolate (see pivture on the right)
  • Nubafit - fitness straight from the oven
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