The best of all gingerbread and beautiful gingerbread tins

Our original Elisen gingerbread is made of a mixture of almonds and hazelnuts, making up nearly 50% of the content of each piece. The "pure" hazelnut or almond Elisen gingerbread, on the other hand, are made purely from hazelnuts or almonds.

We have designed several beautiful gingerbread tins for you. Whether with Nuremberg city motifs, stylish embossing or modern illustration on a paper tin - there is something for everyone. Brand new is the "Elisen" tin in honor of the namesake of the Elisen gingerbread.

Delicacies that are perfect with coffee
With our gingerbread confectionary we have created a real treat. It is soft and juicy, simply delicious and ideal for a coffee break. By the way - we also offer the delicious coffee from Nuremberg roasting.

Organic - glutenfree - vegan
We have been baking our Elisen gingerbread in organic quality for many years. Our organic range is also glutenfree. The organic certification for our company is according to DE-Öko-001.

Many of our products are glutenfree. They come with glutenfree wafers or no wafers at all.

Vegan Elisen gingerbread is part of our program since a couple of years already. All vegan gingerbread products are also glutenfree.


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