Corporate social responsibility

Our contributions to the good cause

Every year we support selected initiatives and institutions with donations in kind. We made particularly intensive efforts during the Corona crisis, for example by donating in-kind donations
to the Playmobil Foundation's BrotzeitBox, the Nuremberg SOS Children's Village, Schlupfwinkel e.V., Nürnberger Tafel and the staff at the Klinikum Nord etc. At this point we would like 
to ask for your understanding that we cannot respond to all inquiries about donations in kind. The number of inquiries and requests is simply too large.

Fundraiser with our packaging range "Christkindlesmarkt"

In addition to donations in kind, we collect with the "Christkindlesmarkt" packaging series for a donation pot that we distribute for good causes at the end of the season. Each box or tin sold from the packaging range contributes ¤ 1 to the donation pot.
The money we collected in 2020 was asigned to different organisations:

  • Kindernotfonds der Stadtmission Nürnberg (¤800,-) - Funds for children in need managed by the Nuremberg city council
The financial hardships of many parents also weigh on their children. Child poverty means less of everything: fewer educational opportunities, less cultural participation, less exercise, fewer social contacts, less healthy eating. The Children's Emergency Fund supports parents in financing everyday hurdles.

  • Wildwasser e.V. (¤600,-)
Wildwasser Nürnberg e.V., specialist advice center for women and girls against sexual abuse and sexualised violence.
We advise women and girls who are affected by sexual abuse in their childhood and adolescence, as well as their supporters and professionals on the subject of sexual violence. We continue to train, make prevention offers and offer different groups for women who are personally affected.

  • Schutzgemeinschaft deutscher Wald (¤1500,-) -German Forest Protection Association
Tree planting has been an important part of our work for over 70 years. In large hands-on activities on Forest Day on March 21st or Arbor Day on April 25th, more than 10,000 trees are planted throughout Germany, including Bavaria, every year. The spectrum ranges from the planting of saplings and seeds to stately trees in cities or along old avenues. Many tree plantings are only made possible through the commitment of the sponsors.
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